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Mud treatment in Pomorie

Mud treatment is one of the oldest methods of treatment. Since ancient times, people have known about the healing properties of mud, and so have used it extensively in their everyday life. Women in Rome have masked their face with mud because of its natural moisture content. But healers also recommend mud treatment for all people with chronic illness, arthritis and circulatory problems. So, on the shores of the Dead Sea became popular with the mud treatment they offer. Even the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra took advantage of nature's assets.

But you do not have to leave Bulgaria to enjoy the pure power of nature. Mud treatment in Pomorie will calm your pains and restore the shine of your skin. The area of Pomorie is famous for its unique gift - the only one of its kind Pomorie Lake, known for its healing mud.

Mud is not only beneficial to the human body, it has a calming effect. The healing effect of the mud treatment in Pomorie results from the complex action of the chemical, biological, electrodynamic substances in it.

Mud treatment in Pomorie will significantly improve the body's metabolic processes and your cholesterol will be normalized. In addition, the mud treatment in Pomorie will positively affect various diseases of the locomotory system, the peripheral nervous system. Proven since antiquity, mud treatment in Pomorie is also suitable for skin and gynecological diseases.

If you have not been to mud treatment in Pomorie yet, you do not have to worry. Healing treatment in Pomorie will help you relax as never before. Warm and soft mud will drive away your stress and fatigue. But besides, while enjoying the relaxing music, mud treatment in Pomorie will balance and detoxify your body. And your skin ... you should try the mud treatments in Pomorie yourself to feel the silky softness.



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