Water Treatment - Rehabilitation in Pomorie


WATER TREATMENT - water is one of the greatest treasures of nature. That is why we, the staff from Hotel "St. St. Peter and Paul", rely on its qualities and positive results in several types of procedures.

At our mud, salt and salt treatment center we have a hydromassage pearl bath. In it, underwater massage of the body by air bubbles - pearls takes place.

Healing hydromassage bath with juniper

As we all know, juniper has a soothing and relaxing effect on the human body. After a 20-minute stay in this aromatic herb you will feel relaxed, relaxed and charged with new strength. The hydromassage bath is located in a separate room. In itself, it is furnished in a modern design and is isolated from the noise and the people in the relax center of the hotel. To create a relaxed area for our visitors, the room has additional lighting effects.

Aromatic pearl bath

For an even more relaxing experience here we use different types of herb aromas given to us by nature. The most preferred are eucalyptus, mint, lavender, Bulgarian rose and others. For the complete satisfaction of the customer, we add a salt crystal filler. Combined with hydromassage nozzles that touch the senses with a light massage, you will immerse yourself in body and mind relaxing moments. By yourself, under the sound of silent music for a period of 20 minutes.

Soothing bath with seaweed

Using extracts of seaweed obtained by a special method, this bath will take care of your good health and mood. During the procedure you will feel cozy and you will dive into the secrets of the sea. You will be surrounded by living, soluble microorganisms that will energize and rejuvenate your body. This type of bath acts relaxing with the warmth of water combined with various massage movements on your muscles. Combined with the healing power of seaweed, you will feel restored after the recommended 20-minute stay.

The bath of Cleopatra

The Egyptian ruler Cleopatra maintained her beauty using the healing powers of milk and honey. Nowadays, the beneficial effect of milk on the skin has also been proven. Specifically smoothing wrinkles and preserving youth. In addition to the skin, this procedure is also beneficial to other parts of our body. It reflects well on internal organs, and also helps for joint pains. A long stay of 15-20 minutes, at 36-38° will eliminate stress and tension. As well as the fatigue in the body, accumulated by the tense daily routine. Your skin will become gentle, smooth and elastic.

Detoxifying anti-stress bath with juniper and essential oils

This type of bath is recommended for depressed mood, stress and lack of desire for daily duties. Experts recommend that in such conditions we trust the products that come from the nature and healing properties of water. Our body needs strong hydration. We can do this by immersing in a medicinal elixir of certain herbs. This will bring about a quiet atmosphere, aromatic candles and pleasant music. You will love this procedure so much that you will want to turn it into a favorite ritual. It is recommended that the detoxifying antistress bath should be done for no more than 30 minutes at the end of the day. This will have the best effects for your body.



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